Hautlle - Hautlle

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THEM 2012

THEM024 :: Hautlle – Hautlle

Hautlle - Hautlle

Electronic music wizard Hautlle’s self-titled release in an astoundingly forceful full-length album filled with emotive audible magic. Hautlle has a brilliantly unique style; melodic perfection along with the seamless blending of multiple rhythmic genres. Hautlle’s self titled release includes remixes by Acidburp, Missqulater, Kevin Polzer, and Oxynucid. While absolutely brilliant, adding remixes from four equally wonderful artists makes Hautlle’s self-titled release an essential download of the Summer.

Download Hautlle’s Self-titled Album

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New and Coming Soon

THEM Records has undergone a full site redevelopment. Many features have yet to be fully implemented, such as facebook integration and full use of the Open Graph Protocol. The catalog is currently accessible in minimal form, though the original links …